Meet Georgette G贸mez

Progressive. Proven. For The People.

Georgette G贸mez is a progressive leader with a proven record of delivering for the people. She stood up against Trump鈥檚 dangerous agenda and聽 she鈥檒l fight for a bold national agenda to help ordinary people recover and rebuild from this pandemic. Universal healthcare. Public health over profits. Equal pay. Just like she always has 鈥 Georgette will fight for what鈥檚 right for San Diego families.

Georgette鈥檚 priorities include Medicare for All, expanding affordable housing, reducing homelessness, investing in public transit and infrastructure, championing clean air and water, defending immigrants鈥 rights and fighting for more federal funding for San Diego communities.

As the first LGBTQ Latina elected San Diego City Council President, Georgette鈥檚 legislative accomplishments include expanding affordable housing, strengthening protections for low-income renters, leading implementation of the city鈥檚 landmark Climate Action Plan and delivering millions in new funding for community priorities including street repairs, parks and libraries.

When coronavirus hit, Georgette G贸mez took decisive action as City Council President. She banned evictions, stopped utility shutoffs, delivered rent relief, and helped small businesses survive. Listening to doctors and experts, Georgette acted swiftly to expand access to testing and protective equipment for first responders.

This is why Georgette is the only candidate endorsed by the Democratic Party, nurses, sanitation workers, and teachers who are on the frontline of the pandemic.

A longtime community organizer, Georgette is a former associate director of the Environmental Health Coalition, where she led the Toxic Free Neighborhoods Campaign to protect kids from lead paint and keep polluting industries out of residential communities. Earlier in her career, Georgette worked as a victims鈥 advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Georgette G贸mez will stand up to special interests, uphold dignity and fairness, and deliver on universal healthcare, clean energy, living wages, equality and justice.


On the City Council, Georgette represents the urban communities of central San Diego and, as former Chair of the Metropolitan Transit System, she oversaw mass transit in a 570-square mile service area with approximately 3 million residents. She is the first queer Latina to hold both positions.

A first generation Mexican-American and native San Diegan, Georgette grew up in San Diego鈥檚 Barrio Logan community to working class immigrant parents 鈥 her father was a gardener and her mother worked minimum wage jobs.

Georgette is a graduate of San Diego State University and holds a BA in Environmental and Natural Resource Geography. Georgette and her fianc茅, Dr. Raquel Pacheco, live in City Heights with their dogs, Canela and Totoro, and their chickens.


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