Meet Georgette G贸mez

Fighting For Us.

All her life, Georgette G贸mez has fought to make a real difference for working people and the underserved.聽 She鈥檚 taken on corporate polluters. Expanded affordable housing. Led on climate.聽 Stood up for victims of domestic violence. In the Assembly, she鈥檒l fight for every family who is struggling and every neighborhood that鈥檚 been left behind. And just like always, she can鈥檛 be bought and she never backs down. Georgette fights for us.

We鈥檙e facing incredible challenges and it鈥檚 more important than ever to elect leaders we can count on to put working people first, not special interests.

That鈥檚 Georgette G贸mez鈥檚 life鈥檚 work 鈥 a lifelong advocate for the underserved who can鈥檛 be bought and never backs down from fighting for us.

As a community organizer, Georgette G贸mez led the Toxic Free Neighborhoods Campaign to protect kids from lead paint and keep corporate polluters out of residential communities. And she got her start working as a crisis counselor with survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

The first LGBTQ Latina City Council President, Georgette authored San Diego’s new Inclusionary Housing Ordinance to jumpstart construction of affordable homes during the housing crisis and took on the powerful police union lobby to ban dangerous chokeholds and crack down on misconduct. She outlawed housing discrimination against low-income renters and was a leader in the campaign to provide paid sick leave to all workers in San Diego.

Georgette G贸mez鈥檚 proven record includes impactful advocacy in the State Capitol. She joined with then-Assemblymember Todd Gloria and the business community to pass the CASA Act (AB 2372), expanding affordable housing construction incentives. Georgette worked with then-Assemblymember Toni Atkins for passage of AB 1071, ensuring penalties for corporate polluters benefit communities most impacted by pollution. She partnered with Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez to pass AB 805, transforming San Diego鈥檚 regional transportation agency to provide stepped-up accountability, representation and transit service for underserved communities in South San Diego County.

When COVID hit, Georgette took decisive action as City Council President to halt evictions, stop utility shutoffs, deliver rent relief and help small local businesses survive.聽 She authored a worker retention ordinance that prevented layoffs in San Diego’s tourism and service industries.

Previously Georgette served as Chair of the Metropolitan Transit System, where she oversaw mass transit in a 570-square mile service with over 3 million residents.


The daughter of immigrants, Georgette鈥檚 calling has always been making a real difference for working families, who right now are struggling in so many ways.

Georgette鈥檚 priorities include expanding affordable housing, reducing homeless, expanding access to quality childcare for working families, strengthening our public schools, protecting vulnerable San Diegans from crime and discrimination, holding corporate polluters accountable to protect our clean air and climate, and working to guarantee healthcare for every Californian.

A first generation Mexican-American and native San Diegan, Georgette grew up right here in San Diego鈥檚 Barrio Logan community to working-class immigrant parents 鈥 her father was a gardener and her mother worked minimum wage jobs.

Georgette is a graduate of San Diego State University and holds a BA in Environmental and Natural Resource Geography. Georgette lives in San Diego with her wife, Dr. Raquel Pacheco, their dogs Canela, Totoro and Yoda, and their chickens.

PAID FOR BY Georgette G贸mez for Assembly 2022, #1443281