Georgette G贸mez

On the Issues

Where Georgette Stands

Universal Healthcare

Georgette G贸mez supports universal healthcare.聽 In Congress, she will fight for a Medicare for All program so that everyone has access to the health care they need. When Georgette was growing up, there were times when her聽 family couldn鈥檛 afford health insurance, and her parents had to choose whether to go to the doctor. Georgette believes that no one should ever be denied health care because they are unable to afford it. In Congress she will take on the prescription drug companies that continue to gouge working families, and fight for funding to provide access to care in underserved communities.

Tackling the Climate Crisis

Georgette G贸mez knows we are facing a climate emergency. That鈥檚 why she supports a Green New Deal, to tackle the climate crisis and create millions of clean energy jobs. As a community organizer working on environmental justice issues, Georgette learned that change comes from engaging the community. We have a climate crisis and we must act now. Georgette is pushing for full implementation of San Diego鈥檚 landmark Climate Action Plan, which puts the city on the path to 100% clean energy. In Congress, Georgette will continue to be a champion for building a sustainable, equitable future.

Gun Control to Save Lives

Georgette G贸mez understands that gun control saves lives. Too many innocent lives have been lost to gun violence. As City Council President, Georgette worked to pass a gun safety law requiring trigger locks on guns. Georgette is a strong supporter of gun control and will push for tougher universal background checks, a ban on military style assault weapons and ending the gun show loophole.

Affordable Housing

Georgette G贸mez believes that it鈥檚 outrageous that half a million Americans are sleeping on the streets every night. As City Council President, Georgette has made affordable housing one of her key priorities. In Congress, Georgette will be a firm advocate for increased public housing assistance, federal grants for affordable housing projects and expanding funding for the Section 8 housing program.

Economic Equity

Georgette G贸mez knows that the Trump economy is working for billionaires, while working families are struggling to make ends meet. The wealthiest corporations in history are paying nothing in taxes while most Americans are working longer and harder for less. In Congress Georgette will fight for a living wage, push to strengthen unions, and ensure that we are providing workers with important quality of life benefits such as paid vacation, sick leave, and family leave.

Defending Immigrants and Refugees

Georgette G贸mez is the daughter of immigrants from Mexico and knows first-hand the struggles that new arrivals face in this country. The United States was built by immigrants. Georgette knows that our current immigration system is broken and exploitative. In Congress, she will work to end illegal and immoral deportations, stop the border wall, and make sure that no child is separated from their family or held in a cage. Georgette will fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. She will work to reinstate the DACA program, and protect refugees and asylum seekers who have come here seeking a better life. G贸mez will also work to eliminate the travel ban directed to our Muslim community members.

Expanding Public Transit

Georgette G贸mez grew up taking the city bus from her home in Barrio Logan. As the chair of the Metropolitan Transit System board, Georgette was a champion for expanded and equitable public transit. As City Council President, she has fought for increased transit funding, built new bike lanes, and brought electronic buses to San Diego. In Congress, Georgette will make investments in public transit, and high speed rail a priority.

Reforming the Criminal Justice System

Georgette G贸mez believes our broken criminal justice system is a civil rights issue. Our justice system disproportionately arrests, prosecutes, and sentences people of color in this country. We need more community policing, more trust between neighborhoods and police and real, meaningful, criminal justice reform. In Congress, Georgette will fight for treatment programs for non-violent drug offenders, federal legalization of marijuana, eliminate mandatory minimums, end cash bail and increase funding for the FBI鈥檚 Civil Rights Division.

Protecting Social Security and Medicare

Georgette G贸mez understands that Social Security and Medicare are fundamental safety nets for our seniors. We must keep the commitment we鈥檝e made to our seniors to help them retire with security and dignity. We need to protect and preserve Social Security, not privatize it. In Congress, Georgette will fight to increase benefits and expand Medicare.

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