Economic Relief Plan

As the daughter of working-class immigrants, Georgette G贸mez knows the pain people are feeling from sky-high price increases.聽

Corporate profits are at a record high, which has created a $21 billion state budget surplus. Georgette wants to use that surplus to deliver economic relief for working families and invest in a clean energy future.


Georgette鈥檚 Economic Relief Plan

Gas Price Relief Payments

Georgette believes in providing economic relief for everyday people, not powerful special interests. That鈥檚 why she supports sending direct gas tax relief payments to Californians struggling to keep up with the outrageous profits at the pump.

Under Georgette鈥檚 Economic Relief Plan, California families will be eligible to receive up to $800. These payments will come from the general budget surplus, not from the funds used for critical transportation and infrastructure projects that her Republican opponents want to raid. In supporting this plan, Georgette will provide immediate economic relief to millions of Californians, regardless of their income.聽

Georgette鈥檚 Economic Relief Plan also calls for funding free transit services for those that rely on bus and light rail. An additional $500 million is included to support active transportation programs like walking and biking projects that don鈥檛 use fossil fuels.聽聽


Expanded Paid Family Leave

California is leading the nation in its Paid Family Leave policy; however, thousands of low-income new parents still cannot afford to take part in the program that they are already funding. Under current law, Paid Family Leave replaces only 60% of an individual鈥檚 income. This means that often only those who can most afford to go without full pay can take advantage of the program.

Georgette鈥檚 Economic Relief Plan will聽 increase the wage replacement rate from 60% to 90% of a worker鈥檚 highest quarterly earnings in the past 18 months. This would ensure that working families have equal opportunity to take time off and expand access to leave.聽

The cost of having a child is higher than ever before. Right now, low-income Californians are forced to make the decision between taking time off and living under the poverty line. Georgette would expand access to the program to ensure that it benefits all Californians.聽


Invest in a Clean Energy Future

Reliance on fossil fuels is not only unsustainable to combat climate change, but also hits working families the hardest during price fluctuations. Polluters like SDGE profit by increasing energy bills during global fossil fuel shortages, putting added financial stress on our communities. California needs to be doing more to ensure that all communities have access to clean energy solutions to prevent soaring gas prices.

Georgette is a strong advocate for bringing clean energy alternatives to low-income Californians. She will fight to ensure that families in the South Bay have access to electric vehicle charging stations and solar power. The world must change to adapt to the realities of climate change and California cannot afford to leave anyone behind.聽


Accelerate Housing Construction

Every year rents and mortgages increase due to a lack of affordable housing options in California. Millions of people are proud to live in San Diego, but the state鈥檚 housing shortage is making the communities we call home unaffordable.

Georgette believes that the state must speed up the pace of housing construction and provide affordable options in every community. She supports encouraging greater diversity of housing types in all neighborhoods and believes that the state can do more in supporting local governments to build housing at a range of prices, not just for the wealthy. Georgette鈥檚 Economic Relief Plan also eliminates barriers that prevent delays in affordable housing funding allocations and construction.聽

To combat the housing crisis, the state must build more housing everywhere that is affordable to working and low-income families.聽


PAID FOR BY Georgette G贸mez for Assembly 2022, #1443281