Fighting for us.

A community organizer and the first LGBTQ Latina City Council President, Georgette G贸mez has spent her life fighting for working families and underserved communities. And that鈥檚 who she鈥檒l always fight for in the State Assembly 鈥 us.

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Georgette G贸mez

Fighting For Us.

We鈥檙e facing incredible challenges and it鈥檚 more important than ever to elect leaders we can count on to put working people first, not special interests.

That鈥檚 Georgette G贸mez鈥檚 life鈥檚 work. She鈥檚 a lifelong advocate for the underserved who can鈥檛 be bought and never backs down from fighting for us.

As a community organizer and first LGBTQ Latina City Council President, Georgette G贸mez has taken on corporate polluters to protect our climate, cracked down on discrimination in policing, and tackled homelessness with real solutions for affordable housing and mental health.

Georgette G贸mez wrote the law that jump-started the construction of more homes that working families can afford, not just the rich. She outlawed housing discrimination against low-income renters and was a leader in the campaign to provide paid sick leave to all workers in San Diego.

Just like she always has, Georgette will fight every day in the Assembly to make life better 鈥 and the future brighter 鈥 for working families, women, communities of color and our children.

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